Wonders at the Château of Angers

Until 31 March 2019, a stunning exhibition will be enchanting the National Domain of the Château of Angers, revealing unusual objects and sumptuous collections.

The Dukes of Anjou were savvy and sometimes even ardent collectors of exotic and unusual objects. King René amassed numerous books, works of art and scientific and musical instruments from distant lands. This liking for strange objects, such as celestial globes, jewellery, precious stones, mermaids and unicorns, was at the origin of the cabinets of curiosities that have been recreated today for the exhibition titled “Rooms of Wonders”. Visitors will be plunged into a mysterious atmosphere and discover fantastical creatures, animated palaces and decor composed of minerals and shells. Part of the exhibition showcases extraordinary objects brought out exceptionally from the storehouse of the Catholic University of the West.